Best compact SUV: GMC Terrain

Before talking about the best compact SUV, you need to know some things about small SUVs. The compact SUVs are a practical alternative to the large SUVs in the same class. However, they offer a greater fuel economy. They also have a higher seating position than a sedan. There is more cargo space available then any station wagon. A compact SUV seats five people normally, however some SUVs offer a third row designed more for the accommodation of children rather than adults. The compact SUVs are crossover vehicles having the body and driving design similar to a car. Prices range from the cheapest small SUV running at $15,000 to their luxurious version running on the higher side of $30,000. These small SUVs generally make use of 4-cylinder engines; however some models do offer V6 engines. Generally speaking, these compact SUVs don’t handle, brake or accelerate like normal family sedans. However they are better in these regards to the larger SUVs because of their smaller weight and size.

GMC Terrain

I consider GMC Terrain as the best compact SUV because it offers its buyers high tech features, refinement and excellent fuel economy. However, as you would expect the small SUV comes with higher price tag as well. You can find a sea of compact SUVs that look similar. The GMC Terrain stands out due to its angular truck-like styling. The long list of exciting standard features includes a rearview camera that is rarely found even in the luxurious SUVs. All reviewers agree that GMC Terrain is car-like and is more refined than its competition. This makes it a top choice for a compact SUV.

2012 GMC Terrain

The best compact SUV is not all perfect though. The cargo space is not the largest and handling is not the best, but the small sized SUV will make any buyer’s top 10 list. Other small SUVs competing and coming close to the GMC Terrain are Toyota RAV4, Honda CR-V and Chevrolet Equinox. All these three competitors come at a lower price but they also have lesser standard features. And more significantly, none of them can match Terrain for its fuel economy.

You can get the best compact SUV in two models called SLE and SLT. They are either FWD or AWD and having either a 4-cylinder or a V6 engine. If you go for the V6 engine and AWD, the fuel economy gets compromised. The interior of Terrain is well designed and stylish. Although it comes with a limited cargo space, the small SUV offers a sliding back seat that can raise the cargo space. It also has a USB port, remote keyless entry, a telescopic and tilted steering column and satellite radio. If you upgrade to a higher version, you get more features like automatic climate control, connectivity for Bluetooth phones, leather wrapped steering wheel with cruise control. All these features are available for an extra $1500 only. Other additional features include heated front seats, power sun roof, remote vehicle start, an audio system having navigation and DVD entertainment system for rear seats. The DVD system is a fantastic addition for an affordable small SUV. It has seatback displays and can even play 2 DVDs at a time. A couple of wireless headsets are also available.