Which is the best small SUV?

The SUVs are popular because they are bigger than cars and are tougher. However, they can also be attractive. It is easier to drive smaller SUVs than their larger versions. The best small SUV utilizes less fuel, which makes them ideal for those who want the best small SUV that do not guzzling up a lot of fuel. There are many brands of small SUVs available out there, which offer good value for money.

Subaru Forester

Considered the best small SUV or one of them, the Subaru Forester has exceptionally good handling. As per CCN Money, the SUV handles similar to a car rather than a small SUV. This makes things easier for even the new drivers. This small SUV costs in between $20,000 to $29,000 depending on additional features you need. The mileage you get out of this small SUV is 27 mpg on highways and around 20 mpg around cities. This makes the car extremely fuel-efficient especially considering that it is an SUV. This SUV comes with all-wheel drive abilities, which allows it to plow through mud, snow and other such extreme conditions. There are many features you can add to customize the vehicle according to your needs such as cargo carriers, tow systems, after market radio, cargo organizers and sports racks to name a few. You can use several more features.

2011 Subaru Forester

Volkswagen Tiguan

Yes, Volkswagen makes SUVs. This highly regarded German company has introduced possibly the best small SUV out there. These vehicles come with a progressive design and aggressive styling with an incomparable safety kit. You can describe the VW small SUVs as sleek, fast and fashionable. Volkswagen spent a century, well almost, to achieve perfection and they have created an awesome vehicle again. VW kept many factors in mind while making these vehicles such as cost, safety, style and innovative engineering. You can also select from a range of additional options like a 6-disc CD changer having iPod control, 4-wheel drive having traction control, GPS or a DVD system having a flip-down screen.

VW understands that tastes differ from person to person but this is a fascinating SUV and easily one of the finest available in market. Although the Volkswagen Tiguan cannot match Honda-CRV in terms of cargo space or fuel economy, it more than makes up by being more agile, stylish and just more fun. The superb performance makes the SUV an extremely attractive proposition. The Tiguan also boasts of five star ratings from the US government in case of front and side crashes.

2012 Volkswagen Tiguan


There are several contenders for the position of the best small SUV available in the market. Other contenders apart from the above include Honda-CRV, arguably the strongest contender as the best small SUV out there. Other recommended SUVs are, Mazda Tribute, Mercury Mariner and Ford Escape. All these compact SUVs not only provide a traditional advantages such as exceptional handling and acceleration, sportiness, comfort and excellent mileage, they also give you daily advantages such as safety, reliability and cargo capabilities.