Compact SUV review: Mazda CX-5

Almost everyone is looking to move outdoor during holidays or weekends to enjoy being with nature. However when you go out on a road trip, you are required to travel through rumpled secondary roads of the country. It was for traveling on these roads the SUV was first designed. The SUVs of today are built for these dirt roads. However, for several people the common large sized SUV is not a direct choice especially in case of carrying their families as they want the SUV to be fuel efficient along with being roomy enough to sit. This requirement gave rise to the need of compact SUV in the SUV market.

Eight-cylinder engines power the bigger SUVs and although the large SUVs are extremely spacious, comfortable and luxurious, they are not very fuel efficient especially when utilized in the city traffic. Another problem the large SUVs face in cities is finding suitable parking spots and they are tedious while turning in tight corners. The big SUVs have tremendous road performance as they have great power and are comfortable. On the other hand, the compact SUV is a medium sized vehicle, which has been designed for both on and off road capabilities. It is much smaller than the larger SUV. The great part is that most of the compact SUVs come with all the features associated with large SUVs. The differences are subtle and the compact SUV is priced much lesser than the large sized SUVs. The compact SUVs also provide better mileage, so that you spend less on fuel. There is sufficient space for storing luggage and enough power to tow your medium sized boat.

2013 Mazda CX-5

Mazda CX-5 (Minagi)

Mazda has entered the extremely competitive compact SUV market with their Mazda CX-5 also known as Minagi. CX-5 the new min-crossover is the 2nd concept vehicle inspired from the brand new design language Kodo, which in Japanese means “soul of motion”. This compact SUV will fit into Mazda’s crossovers CX-7 and CX-9. The car represents a new way to maximize the proportionate space inside the car as regards to the frame and engine. This new technology is called SkyActive. The design solution takes the weight off the model and makes it more powerful and efficient. The new generation power trains used includes a SkyActive transmission, engine, chassis and a lighter body. This is expected to raise the mileage by 30% and reduce the CO2 emissions significantly.

You also get chrome surrounds useful for fog lights on front grill and bumper. There are white lenses for the SUVs 3rd stop light. The compact SUV uses 17-inch polish finished wheels. The lush interiors include leather seats with grey tinted chrome frame placed around the air vents and other equipment. Mazda is all set to take on the extremely competitive compact SUV market with the Minagi. They are likely to lock horns with Toyota RAV4, Nissan Juke, Kia Sportage and Honda CRV. The newcomer to the small SUV class was unveiled to the public in March this year at Geneva Motor Show. It definitely is stylish new addition to the small SUV class.