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The most fuel efficient small SUVs of 2011

The small SUVs attempt to bring together the sportiness and comfort to your families along with good mileage and other features. The small SUVs are evaluated on their conventional performance criteria such as acceleration and handling. However, it is significant to use other features such as fuel economy to evaluate them. The SUVs are also … Continue reading

Best compact SUV: GMC Terrain

Before talking about the best compact SUV, you need to know some things about small SUVs. The compact SUVs are a practical alternative to the large SUVs in the same class. However, they offer a greater fuel economy. They also have a higher seating position than a sedan. There is more cargo space available then … Continue reading

Small Sport Utility Vehicles

Due to the constant rise in the fuel prices, small sport utility vehicles market has actually changed quite a bit in last some years. However, people are still looking for a vehicle that holds five to eight passengers. They are still looking for an SUV having massive cargo place and roomy interiors. They are still … Continue reading

About a Small Hybrid SUV

A hybrid car is a vehicle that utilizes two or more different resources for moving the car. Most of the time this term refers to HEVs that combine an IC engine and an electric motor for power. Ford Escape Hybrid is regarded as the best small hybrid SUV that is fuel-efficient and uses electricity-gas power. … Continue reading