About a Small Hybrid SUV

A hybrid car is a vehicle that utilizes two or more different resources for moving the car. Most of the time this term refers to HEVs that combine an IC engine and an electric motor for power. Ford Escape Hybrid is regarded as the best small hybrid SUV that is fuel-efficient and uses electricity-gas power. It is available in 4WD and FWD. The power train of the Escape uses 2.3 liter, 4-cylinder gas engine with the rating of 133 HP at 6000 rpm and 129-pound torque at 4500 rpm. It also uses synchronous AC motor with the rating of 94 hp and 3000 to 5000 rpm and a 330 V battery under rear cargo floor. The Escape also comes with constant variable transmission that is electrically controlled. You can get a power output of 155 hp. This is because electricity and gas do not create their highest power when used alternatively.

This small hybrid SUV has an Atkinson cycle, 2.3 liter, 4-cylinder gas engine and an electric motor of 70 KW power and permanent magnet traction. It also comes with a 330 V battery pack and regenerative braking. This combination allows this small SUV to give a performance at par with V-6 engines. There is also no need to recharge the battery as this is done by the revolving components of the engine. The Ford vehicle is designed to be an electric small SUV; however, the gas engine adds to its power, recharges the battery, increases the acceleration and powers the SUV’s air conditioning.

2011 Ford Escape Hybrid

Most electric cars and hybrids have to be plugged in to a recharger. This is not required in Escape as regenerative brakes recharge this small hybrid SUV that converts the electric motor into a power generator for helping the battery pack refill during stops. The gas engine also powers the recharging system. The battery pack is designed to last for the entire life of the SUV. It can be found under the cargo floor. It consists of 250 small sized batteries mounted in series. They do not interfere with the cargo space.

The key to the success of this small hybrid SUV is the software used and the computerized controls. The instrument panel used in the hybrid is slightly different as it contains gauges that show the power generated by electric motor and also the gasoline engine when it is in use. The center stack consists of an LCD display providing info about fuel economy and a graphical representation of power flow.


This small hybrid SUV makes almost half the carbon dioxide generated by any conventional gas engine. It also produces 97% less hydrocarbon and oxides of nitrogen emissions. This is less than the vehicles that meet modern emission standards. Ford is considered as the leader in making low emission cars. It keeps developing projects that someday will create vehicles with zero greenhouse gas emissions. Ford keeps upgrading their vehicles to suit the needs of all clients. This small SUV is definitely one of its finest products.