Small luxury SUV of your choice

Car sales have been going down in 2011. The reason can be anything between lack of interest, fading economy or changing tastes. As we get close to the end of the year, it is actually possible to get a small luxury SUV with great deals. All luxury vehicles have seen a decline in sales due to the rough economy. There have been little rise in the prices of new cars in last two decades and this has been bad for the higher end luxury cars. However it works out well for the buyers of small luxury SUVs. In case you are looking to get your favorite small luxury SUV, this will be the right time to get one.

Infinity EX

This small luxury SUV comes with small passenger and cargo space and automatically makes it a less than perfect family car. However it also gives a sporty performance, great looks and a luxury interior which pleases practically everyone except parents. The compact SUV’s sleek appearance might tempt some buyers looking out for a sporty and family SUV. But don’t get deceived, EX is easily one of the best handling entry in the rising luxury small crossover segment. At the same time don’t expect the small luxury SUV to haul luggage and people like its larger and roomier rivals. Despite having less interior space, the EX is a great value for money. Unless you are looking for the most practical small SUV, EX gives you a fantastic alternative among the luxury compact SUVs.

2012 Ifiniti EX

The small luxury SUV comes with a powerful engine and rear wheel drive. This unusual combination leads to comparisons with sedans rather than with other small SUVs. If you need slightly more space than a sedan for cargo, then EX is the right choice. Even if you really are not a keen driver, EX has several features that will excite you. The luxurious interior is first. The front seating is extremely supportive and comfortable even on twists and turns. The high tech features available on the Infinity EX are tremendously popular already. These include a hard disk for music and the innovative around view system. Rather than a rear view camera, this system allows almost a 360-degree view of the area around. The safety features it offers are even better. They include blind spot warning, lane departure warning, collision mitigation and adaptive cruise control. So, the Infinity EX is the best small luxury SUV as long as you don’t need a lot of cargo space and don’t expect to haul too many people.

If you are looking for more interior space, you can consider another small luxury SUV, Volvo XC60. But if you want greater space and are not willing to compromise on the performance, you need to pay more and get a BMW X3. This small luxury SUV costs quite a bit more than EX.

The Infinity EX is available in two models called base and journey. The standard rear wheel drive is available on both models and there is an optional AWD. It comes with a seven-speed automatic transmission that can also be used manually. EX also uses an engine that is one of the most powerful one in the segment. The SUV offers easily the best ride in its class. The sporty and beautiful interior is well liked everywhere.