Standard features of small size SUV

The AWD vehicles are constantly becoming popular. Now it is possible to get sedans and small SUVs as AWD crossovers. There are few considerations before buying. All makers use different drive trains. So the AWD system in one car is not the same as similar version of other car manufacturer. You also need to think about additional future costs related to the AWD small size SUV. Also, determine how much time you expect to spend on difficult terrains. Also, consider space and pricing.

Is it necessary for the small size SUV to have AWD (All Wheel Drive)? The answer is no. Most small size SUVs are based on FWD (Front Wheel Drive) platforms. Therefore, their transverse engine delivers torque to the SUV’s front wheels. Some of the compact SUVs have an AWD badge on them but in fact deliver power to front wheels only. It is when traction loss or slipping is detected, the torque is sent to rear wheels of the AWD compact SUV. This happens with a differential for additional traction. In some small size SUV, the driver has the provision to lock all four wheels. However, this is restricted to low speeds and on road driving. Alternatively, in case extra traction is required like in off-road conditions. Some small size SUVs do have all 4 wheels being run constantly like in case of Subaru and its unique symmetrical AWD system. There are definite added grip advantages to AWD but it results in waste of fuel and power. As the small SUVs are small, there are very rare RWD (Rear Wheel Drive) vehicles in market although there are a few.

The prospective car owners can expect to pay a little higher for their AWD small SUVs than the front wheel drive (FWD) versions. However, this pay-off is definitely worth it. The small SUVs are built specifically to a price point, which means they can share spare parts of other similar economy cars. Almost all are built with 4-cylinder engines as the source of power but some do have a more powerful V6 engines. None of the small size SUVs makes use of V8 engines yet in the compact SUV class. You can find good bargains in the market for the new and improved small ‘utes.

2011 Audi Q5

Audi Q5

This small SUV has a seating for 5 and utilizes Audi’s unique Quattro AWD system. This small crossover SUV offers its users a lot of luxury at reasonable price. The retail price tag is around $38000. The Q5 comes with a Bang & Olufsen stereo. This vehicle despite being an SUV is not intended to be a hardcore rock climbing off roader. Audi though claim that this SUV can handle the entire off road tasks you can throw at it. The ground clearance with Q5 is 7.9 inches, approach and departure angles are 25 inches. It can climb hills having an incline of up to 31 degrees. The small size SUV has a standard hill descent control. The Audi Q5 was considered the best buy in 2010 Consumer Guide. This small SUV can easily be considered as the top contender for being the best AWD small SUV.