Small SUV comparison: Mitsubishi vs Land Rover

Many times, it is impossible to tell the difference between two new small SUVs just by looking at them. However if you take closer look at their specifications to perform a small SUV comparison, the picture becomes more clear. You can also find some small SUV comparison tools on internet for helping you determine the best available new small SUV for you. Mitsubishi holds a tremendous record of accomplishment in the overall SUV market. In comparison, Land Rover has built its brand reputation on off road vehicles. So it is a curious question, how will the all new Mitsubishi Outlander fair against Land Rover’s LR2.

Outlander includes seven seats in its small SUV as compared to LR2’s just five. However, although the Outlander has a 3rd row of seats in it, these seats or the bench is actually only suitable for children because legroom is limited and this problem has been famously criticized as being extremely uncomfortable. Both these small SUVs have the 60/40 split rear seats. However, the question is which one has larger space? Outlander comes with three rows of seats having 2-3-2 division. The SUV offers 220 liters space when all seven seats are up. It offers 541 liters space when only five seats are up and finally, when front seats are folded, it offers 1691 liters of space. LR2 in this small SUV comparison has a maximum space of 1670 liters when all the rear seats are folded and when they are up it offers 755 liters. These are impressive capacities by both vehicles, however in reality LR2 gives larger usable space when all its five seats are up. We are also expecting a seven seat LR2 sometime later this year that, will add to the versatility of this Land Rover range.

2012 Mitsubishi Outlander

Most people acknowledge the LR2 as the “cleanest” vehicle Land Rover ever built in terms of its effect on environment. It has a new eD4 2.2 diesel engine that has a start stop technology generating 158 g/km of CO2 and a mileage of 47.2 miles per gallon. These specifications are for the 2WD model and the 4WD version gives 45.6 mpg and emits 165 g/km. Again, the Outlander is not too far off these figures. It has a 2.2-liter diesel engine that gives off 169 g/km of CO2 and gives a mileage of 43.5 mpg. The new diesel engine from the Outlander is also definitely more powerful than that used in LR2, generating a power of 174 bhp compared to the 150 bhp created by LR2’s diesel engine.

LR2 was criticized in the past for being shoddily built and being unreliable. However, the latest version of LR2 is solidly built and handles extremely well in the off road conditions that include the tricky situations, not only that, it also handles competently on roads. Outlander is equally competent apparently and is particularly agile in the 4×4 category thanks mainly to its firm suspensions.

2011 Land Rover LR2

Now, the most important part, price comparison! The entry-level S model from LR2 starts at around £22,000 and the LR2 HSE, which is a top of the range model, will set you back by as much as £33,000. The Outlander from Mitsubishi costs around £22,000 for the 4WD versions and £24,000 for 2WD models up to the GX4 model that starts from £29,000. Finally, in this small SUV comparison, the Land Rover vehicle is sturdier. Nothing much to choose from in this small SUV comparison.