Small SUV reviews: top 3 models

It is always a good idea to read small SUV reviews before making a decision on buying one. There are several good small SUVs available out there and making a choice can be difficult. You need to find a vehicle that is suitable to your needs. The online reviews are a good option to perform your research. This also allows you to compare the features of various small SUVs and decide on the most suitable one. Here are some of the finest available in the market.

Honda CR-V

This small SUV will make the top 10 list in all small SUV reviews. The simple reason is that it is the most practical family small SUV of all. It provides good fuel mileage, comfortable seating, lots of interior space and plenty of space for cargo. This can be called as a benchmark crossover with enough styling and ease of use to fit anyone’s choice. This small SUV may not top in any category like style, fuel efficiency or luxury but it does a bit of everything for you. The SUV has won several awards but it will not satisfy everyone. It is not extremely fast and does not have a third row of seating. It definitely is not a luxury small SUV either. However, if you are looking for daily use vehicle, there is no need to look further. The small SUV is available in three versions called LX, EX and EX-L is a luxury SUV. The vehicles give you a comfortable and efficient ride but it lacks power due to its 4-cylinder engine. Although the exterior styling is nothing to write home about, the interiors are excellent. The vehicle is also safe and reliable.

2012 Honda CR-V

Nissan Xterra

As the small SUV reviews will indicate, this vehicle is for people that go way down on the gravel roads and need a compact SUV that will keep up. In case you are looking for comfort, find some other SUV because Xterra is for dirt roads. The compact SUV is one of the best off road small SUVs available in the market. Some reviews have claimed that this small SUV is better on road performer than given credit for. This SUV comes close to the traditional models of SUVs and drives like a truck. The Xterra has a sturdy interior, which is simple to clean but lacks the luxury you might be looking for.

2012 Nissan Xterra

Mazda CX7

If you read the small SUV reviews of CX7, you will find that most reviewers love its sporty performance. However, the cramped rear seating and smaller cargo area along with an occasional harsh ride do not exactly make the compact SUV a family vehicle. However, most parents find it difficult to give up the superb performance offered by this small size SUV. The CX7 comes with a 244 hp-turbocharged engine and has lots of style and decent power. The sporty suspension makes the SUV lively but also makes your ride stiff. People seating in the back might prefer some more comfort. The interior and exterior designing is excellent and the basic thing is that if you like performance, CX7 is for you. However, anything more, the small SUV will fall short.

2010 Mazda CX-7